Migrating to Hugo

When I set this blog up over a year ago, I had all good intentions of posting more frequently. Alas, for over 12 months I haven’t posted anything more. I really must try harder!

My other websites are all still running on Wordpress, and I would really like to migrate them over to static sites. Why? Primarily due to the huge bloat that exists in Wordpress these days.

Originally I was intending to do this with Jekyll, but before I started I went for a look at StaticGen to compare the static site generator (SSG) options available. Hugo is much faster at building sites (sub 1 second), and gets frequent updates. Hugo is also written in Go, a language that I started to use more towards the end of last year and was keen to spend more time with.

Hugo SSG

Having made the decision to migrate my other sites to Hugo, I felt it sensible to migrate this site first.

The content is still written in Markdown format, and is stored in at git repository. Once an update is pushed to git the site simply re-builds and displays the updated content.

Whilst I have changed the colours, I may also make some more styling changes, but for now, I just wanted to get the site live!