Camasunary, Isle of Skye

I decided to try something new and post a photo each week.

Having set out with good intentions back in 2020 I am sad that I didn’t really get into frequent blogging as I intended.

So, as I start 2024, I thought it may be a nice challenge to try and post a photo each week. This might achieve at least two objectives: posting to my blog on a regular basis, and remembering to take more photos.

So as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Camasunary, Isle of Skye
Looking down towards Camasunary, Isle of Skye


Starling Bank Improved 3D Secure

Starling Bank have now improved their 3D Secure approval process.

Starling Bank 3D Secure Payment Approval

When we introduced 3D Secure in March 2019, it involved the use of ‘one-time passwords’ sent via SMS as the type of authentication for online purchases. Now, we’re improving this service to make it even more secure. Instead of sending the message by SMS, we’re enabling you to approve payments in your Starling app.

3D Secure requires that some transactions be approved, and is designed to increase the security of your account.


Migrating to Hugo

When I set this blog up over a year ago, I had all good intentions of posting more frequently. Alas, for over 12 months I haven’t posted anything more. I really must try harder!

My other websites are all still running on Wordpress, and I would really like to migrate them over to static sites. Why? Primarily due to the huge bloat that exists in Wordpress these days.

Originally I was intending to do this with Jekyll, but before I started I went for a look at StaticGen to compare the static site generator (SSG) options available. Hugo is much faster at building sites (sub 1 second), and gets frequent updates. Hugo is also written in Go, a language that I started to use more towards the end of last year and was keen to spend more time with.

Hugo SSG


Starling Bank 3D Secure

Starling Bank is one of a new breed of mobile ‘challenger’ banks in the UK, with a focus on a new way to manage your money, real-time banking & security.

Starling Bank Cards

Yesterday Starling announced that it is Introducing 3D Secure:

Today, we’ll start a phased rollout of 3D Secure, an authentication tool for online purchases, to our customers. We explain how this will help keep customers’ money safe.

3D Secure is a tool for online transactions that requires the account holder to complete an authentication process for some purchases. It forms part of the security of your account.


Longbow: Jet Hydroplane UK

It was great to see my friend Dave yesterday to catch up on our Jet Hydroplane UK project and see how the build of Longbow was progressing.


Jet Hydroplane UK is a British Team, with a serving British Military pilot at the helm, and a joint passion to build and run Longbow, a jet hydroplane, on lakes and lochs within the UK.

I’m thrilled to have been involved in this project since its start in 2016, and really pleased with how the build is now starting to take shape.

Looking forward to sharing the latest pictures in the next update later in the month!

Meanwhile, you can look at the project here.